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The Closing Ceremony will commence immediately following the last campaign battle. (same day)

Following the last battle Total=IC= will host a closing ceremony for Campaign 8. This is a community event, and all members are welcome to attend, whether they participated in Campaign 8 or not. Here is a list of the after battle events with a brief description of each.

Speech Map (by Topaxci)
The closing ceremony will start with the speech map. The UN will MC the event, and address the community, making some general comments, and any pertinent announcements. Commanders for Campaign 9, and it's start date, will be announced if possible.

Image Image

Each commander and their HCO staff will be given a chance to speak. Then the floor will be open to questions, followed by a brief open discussion, if needed.
Image Image

Commanders Knife Fight (by Topaxci)
The commanders will be thrown into the arena for a knives only battle while the rest of the community watches. The first commander to get 5 kills will be declared the winner.
Image Image

Image Image

Cheeba Cheeba (adapted by CCr)
A Shotgun only, tdm, CQB style map with plenty of cover, which should produce an epic battle. This map will have a 15 min time limit.

Image Image

Fuel Truck Demolition Derby (by X)
A demolition derby with fuel trucks will continue until there is only one player left standing. You must stay in your fuel truck, and once eliminated, you can watch the rest of the battle from the stands.

TankDesolation (by Brave)
A tank only, TKOTH map with all weapons turned off. Shoot on the move or single-stick, the choice is yours. This map will have a 20 min time limit, with the zone timer set for 10 mins.

Carnival(by Ragen)
Both Armies will compete in a pistol only deathmatch

Knives Only Flagball (by Duck)
Both armies will compete in a knives only battle set 20 mins or until one team reaches the flag limit of 16 flags.



Registration/Sign Up For Campaign 9 Will Be Open:

Before you leave the Closing Ceremony, please check the forums, and register/sign up for Campaign 9.

Commanders needed for Campaign 9:
We always need new commanders to step up and help. If you would like to throw your name into the hat for Campaign #9 or #10 for a commander's position, then post on the forums, or pm your favorite UN member.

If you have already tentatively put your name forward for Campaign #8, you need to reafirm your willingness to do so.


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