Fruitbowl Saturdays

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Fruitbowl Saturdays

Post by UNCA-DUCK » Thu Jul 20, 2017 4:26 am

We are going to start trying to get the Fruitbowl JOTR server going on Saturdays. Fridays are in Fruitbowl ESC (Escalation) Classic JOTR maps from Orange Bowl, a few custums, and other stock JOTR maps from Monsoon, PG3, etc...

It's been in the plans for a while & now is as good as of time as any.

Please keep in mind in took a long time for Fruitbowl Fridays to catch on & we might not be able to use a couple of the really large maps from Orange Bowl until it builds up.

Show up & show your support!

Thank You

Friday = Escaltion
Saturday = JOTR
Sunday = TIC

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